Silver Ravens

Demagogue Drea
Partisan Dio
Spymaster Délfin

Strategist Deimos


Rank(current/max) 1/5 Focus Loyalty
Membership 16 Supporters(current/population) 0/11,900
Treasury(current/minimum) 10/10 gp  Notoriety 0

5   Loyalty  (2 Base +3 Demagogue)
3   Secrecy  (0 Base +3 Spymaster)
2   Security (0 Base +2 Partisan)

Rebellion Actions 2 (1 +1 strategist)
Change Officer Role, Dismiss Team, Earn Gold, Gather Information, Guarantee Event, Lie Low, Recruit Supporters, Recruit Team, Special Action, Upgrade Team

Teams 1/2
Street Performers – Gather Information
Fushi Sisters – Earn Gold, Gather Information, Doesn't count against team limit.

Rexus Victocora – As long as he is a member he reduces the groups notoriety by one every upkeep phase.

Laria Longroad – All loyalty checks to recruit supporters gains a +2

Silver Ravens

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